Family Owned and Operated for Over 35 Years

Although Bennett Mineral Company was founded in 1980, our story really began 14 million years ago, when the rare deposit of Fuller’s Earth clay used to produce our products was laid down.

The outstanding absorbent qualities of the discovered Fuller’s Earth deposit, which makes it the ideal material for many uses, led to the creation of Bennett Mineral Company. Our founders include Dr. Paul J. Bennett Sr., Paul Bennett Jr. and Deady Bennett-Sinagra.

Most Fuller’s Earth deposits were laid down during the Miocene Epoch, between 12 and 26 million years ago. Ancient rivers carried clay out to sea, where it combined with diatoms and sank to the ocean floor. Much later, when the waters receded, many of these deposits were exposed to the elements and destroyed by re-erosion. But some survived, including the one discovered by Bennett Mineral Company geologists in 1981. This deposit, located in King & Queen County, Virginia (about 30 miles northeast of Richmond), is estimated to be about 14 million years old.

When dried and processed, Fuller’s Earth is capable of absorbing up to 120% of its weight in moisture. This makes it ideal for use as a cat litter and other products. High absorbency means effective odor control with less need for added chemicals. That’s why Soft Paw controls odor as effectively, but more naturally, than the leading cat litter brands.

Our company continues to be family owned and operated and we mine the same Fuller’s Earth clay we did over 30 years ago. Our decades of experience has created an excellent product with customer service to match.